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References Provided by Capitol Limousines, Inc.
Tennessee Donor Services (TDS), a nonprofit organization charged by the federal government to provide vitally needed organs for transplant, recovers more than 400 vitally needed organs to transplant centers and their patients each year. Reliable and timely transportation of our recovery teams and the organs is an essential part of fulfilling our mission. Every hour counts.
Historically, TDS has used aircraft for this purpose, but we realized that ground transportation time between the transplant centers in Nashville and donor hospitals located in Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Jackson was virtually the same as when we used aircraft. The cost-saving is significant and has been an added bonus.
After interviewing several transportation companies, we chose CAPITOL Limousines Inc. to provide this service. CAPITOL understood our need for reliable, timely, and safe transportation. They also appreciated the potential effect of anything less than perfect service.
Our confidence in CAPITOL's door-to-door service has been reinforced by our subsequent experience with them. The staff and management of CAPITOL Limousines have become quiet, respectful, and reliable partners in our efforts to save lives through the gift of organ donation and transplantation.
Nearly 80,000 people nationwide and more than 1,000 here in Tennessee who are awaiting a life-saving transplant rely on our organization and our partners to deliver our service consistently and on a moment's notice.
CAPITOL Limousines is a partner that TDS is pleased to have joined us in this incredible effort.

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